4 Ways to Minimize the Health Risks of Technology Use

Technology is a beautiful thing. The continuous advancement of technology has paved the way for a better, more convenient, and faster-paced world. However, along with these technological advancements are some downsides. The positive changes brought by technological development have also brought many challenging, dangerous, frustrating, and stressful problems that, according to Eddie Naylor, are like “land mines that are waiting to blow our minds apart.”

The inception of electronics such as computers and smartphones, particularly, has brought some negative effects on human health. The abusive use of these electronics has a profoundly negative impact on the physical and psychological health of humans. Health risks such as physical fatigue, eye strain, headaches, altered sleep patterns, obesity, stress, and depression are becoming the common results of technology-use in this day and age.

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Ultimately, overcoming the challenges of the new age begins with taking good care of the health. For this reason, this article lists down four ways to minimize the health risks of technology use on humans.

Limit your use of electronics

The excessive use of electronics such as computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets can cause physical and psychological damage to humans. It can strain your eyes and impair your hearing. It can also harm your spine and elbow that can even lead to serious diseases such as the cubital tunnel syndrome. When it comes to mental health, the excessive use of computers and smartphones can lead to anxiety, depression, and stress.

With all of these health risks, the most important and sensible precautionary measure that you can do to avoid them is to limit your use of electronics. Set strict rules for yourself. If your usage of electronics is only for leisure, then try to take as much time away from them as possible. For example, if you are a social media junkie, try checking your social media profiles only twice a day or not checking your phone at all after 9 o’clock in the evening. This can significantly reduce your addiction.


Take frequent eye breaks when using electronics

If using electronics is part of your job, then it may be difficult to limit your use of them. Nowadays, almost every job requires the use of computers and smartphones on a regular basis – data analysts, writers, content creators, web developers, and more. If part of your job is to sit in front of a computer screen for 8 hours or to check on your phone almost every minute, then you are more prone to developing technology-related health problems compared to those who use less electronics.

Nonetheless, the health risks associated with technology use should not scare you too much. You do not need to resign from your job in fear of contracting a disease. There are some small measures you can do to take care of your health while you are working a full-time technology-related job. One of these is take frequent eye breaks when using electronics.

As mentioned, excessive technology use can strain the eyes. This is because digital screens (e.g. computer screen and phone screen) in general expose your eyes to blue light. Quick exposure to blue light is not harmful at all, but overexposure to it can lead to some serious problems. To avoid them, take at least 20 seconds of eye break for every 20 minutes of screen time. Look up, look at something 20 feet away, or look outside a window – whatever you choose, just make sure you relax your eyes for 20 seconds to half a minute.


Turn electronics off before bedtime

Technology use can heavily disrupt your sleep. Excessive use of electronics such as computers and smartphones can lead to poor sleeping patterns. This is because the blue light emitted by the screens on computers, smartphones, tablets, and television impedes the production of the hormone that controls the circadian rhythm – melatonin. When melatonin is reduced, it becomes harder to fall and stay asleep. Reduced or lack of sleep can then lead to a number of health problems including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and depression.

To avoid the negative effects of technology on your sleeping pattern, turn your electronics off before bedtime. Try as much as possible to not use them at least two hours before your usual sleep time, so you can fall asleep easily without any distraction. If you need to keep them on for some reasons (e.g. to receive important incoming calls), then you can just place your electronics in some place where you cannot see any of the light coming from the screens.


Exercise and eat healthy

More importantly, maintaining a healthy life requires more than just reducing or avoiding technology. It demands you to have an active lifestyle by exercising and eating healthy. The common health risks associated with technology use can be minimized or prevented by participating in dynamic activities that stimulate both the mind and the body. Following a healthy and balanced diet is also a necessary way to remaining strong and in good shape.

Technology is already part of life. Its use can no longer be eliminated because it is already deeply ingrained in humans. Today, it has become difficult to imagine a world without computers, smartphones, television, and the internet. Indeed, life has changed so much with the development of technology. It has brought many positive as well as negative changes to the world. There are numerous measures that people can do to minimize the negative effects of technology use, however. Particularly when it comes health, people can do so many things to make sure that technology does not become potent enough to blow their minds apart.

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