Promoting Self-care: Four Reasons Why Taking Care of One’s Self is Essential

Any required human behavioral activity that is regulated independently, intentionally, and on his or her own initiative — this is the common definition of self-care. This type of nurturing is not narcissistic and not selfish at all for this is a necessity. Sometimes, people overlooked themselves for they are too busy taking care of others who are dear to them. The value of self-nurturing is often underappreciated for it is frequently confused with selfishness; however, to make things clear, there is nothing wrong in taking care of one’s self.

The importance of self-nurturing is similar to the significance of loving others. Time, attention, and effort are being allocated but instead on others, they are being spent to one’s self. There are numerous self-care ways, it include but are not limited to getting an 8-hour sleep, taking a break from work, pampering, eating comfort food, travelling, relaxing, reading, and watching movies. Thus, there are endless methods for this type of nurturing that are efficient and can bring out the best in every person.

Amidst the sudden popping up of various land mines of life that make a person’s life bumpy, taking time to fix his or herself is essential in order to also straighten an individual’s chosen path. It is because change and progress start within one’s self before it can be applied to life. If you want to get a better grasp on why self-nurturing is important, check out the list below:

It boosts one’s self-esteem

Not everyone has a high confidence level. Every person have different reasons as to why they have low or high amount of self-esteem. The reasons may range from being naturally shy to having personal insecurities. Thus, a person that has the chance to take care of his or herself can evaluate and identify the reasons why he or she have that much confidence. As a result, the individual can slowly eliminate the negative factors and start focusing on the development of his or her confidence. It would be very beneficial to the person because he or she can start doing new and amazing things, such as mingling with others, speaking up in public, showing his or her skill to the crowd, and be his or herself. There will be no shell to hide to, what will be left are genuineness and confidence to face the world.

It promotes holistic growth

There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that all your sacrifices and self-nurturing led to growth and progress. It is one of the results that cannot be paid by material things or money for it is invested by attention, care, and love. Holistically growing means that you are mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually healthy. All corners of your health are well; thus, there is nothing to be worried about. Self-nurturing is definitely a good promoter of holistic health for people who are thoroughly focusing on betterment and on putting his or herself first before anything else.

It helps in managing stress

Stress is absolutely one of the causes that makes a person unhealthy, anxious, and weary. There are various stressors present in every surrounding. Moreover, there are three different kinds of stress — which are the acute stress, episodic acute stress, and chronic stress. These mentioned categories vary depending on the amount of stress a person is experiencing. There also are various stressors that are present — these are the contributing factors that makes a person stressful, such as being in a tight situation, hearing too much unnecessary noise, working a lot, lacking sleep, etc. By taking some time off and focusing on one’s self, the stress will be gradually eliminated and will be replaced by happy hormones. A person can slowly improve his or her stress management resulting to living a better and happier life.

It creates balance

Self-care leads to a harmonious life. For people who are already in the workforce and have experienced a massive amount of weariness, self-care is definitely a luxury, but also a must. Being able to give one’s self time for development, relaxation, and nurturing will also result to the improvement of a person’s ability to balance his or her responsibilities and obligations. Self-care will help an individual to equally allocate his or her time and attention to his or herself, family, work, and peers. There will be no more jumbled up priorities and messy schedule. This can also be applied not just on working people but also to different types of people.

Self-nurturing is, indeed, an integral part of one’s life for it helps a person better his or her ways in life. There is nothing wrong in taking care of one’s self, in fact it is one of the best options for people that are currently looking for growth and development. It also helps people to improve their way of living, as well as successfully solve the challenges that come their way.








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